Collect, Curate, Publish.

Changing the face of data by empowering the world’s data managers and information organizers.  This is what Data Curation looks like. Read about data curation, watch the video introduction or sign up for a trial.


The definitive platform for Data Curation

Access-controlled Pools of Data

Each pool has collaborators & audiences. Collaborators can edit anything in the pool and add/remove content. Audiences are read-only. You can limit which entities an audience can see and you can limit which characteristics of those entities are shown to each audience.

Version Control

Retain a change history, with info about who made each change.

Linked Data

Mix together structured data (names, dates, locations, numbers) with file content (images, videos, text files, audio) in order to represent people, places & things.  Link them together with your own vocabulary of relationships.

Fork & Merge Data

Fork/branch data and then merge changes or additions between pools.

NoSQL Search

Full-text search against all entities and relationships as well as the content within any files.

Robust APIs

Integrate your data into any website or service using our REST API, our open-source client libraries, or the open-source bindery-ui library for AngularJS.

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Data curation is a rich, complicated subject with some fascinating, hairy problems and DataBindery addresses those problems in powerful ways. As of today, the DataBindery website has some new sections outlining What does it mean to Curate Data? and An Overview of DataBindery’s Features.  Hopefully these will give more people a foothold for sharing the enthusiasm for… Read More

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DataBindery has evolved a lot since I released the last screencast in June 2013.  Now there are so many features that I had to split them across five videos. Note: In these videos, I’ve used the example of a spreadsheet with metadata about digitized audio recordings from Cassete Tapes.  DataBindery uses patterns that are applicable… Read More

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As of today, I’m working on DataBindery full time.  We have one DataBindery pool in semi-production use by the community of translators who are collecting recordings of 4 decades of oral instructions by the Tibetan scholar and meditation master Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche.  A preliminary exhibit of the work-in progress is titled “Welcome“. If you… Read More

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Disclaimer This is the most minimal, barely viable, pre-Beta version of DataBindery. It’s ugly, slow and incomplete, but it’s a start! I’m working on it in my spare time while paying the bills by doing freelance work on Hydra-based digital repository solutions through Data Curation Experts . At this moment, I cannot provide any guarantees of uptime, security or protection from… Read More

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I’m working on DataBindery this week.  I only get little spurts of time to focus on it so send Bug requests, questions, etc. to @DataBindery or post them on the DataBindery Ticket Tracker.

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The Boring Story of Digital Asset Management  We have all this stuff on computers and all these people who need to use it some of those people know a lot about the stuff others know nothing about it We have a lot of trouble finding things It’s important to let pople share stuff but it’s… Read More

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