DataBindery is a bioreactor for your data.  To give you a glimpse of what that means, here’s a set of introductory screencasts that walk through the system as it currently functions.  It’s still a work in progress.  To sign up for an account and explore DataBindery on your own, fill out the DataBindery Beta Signup form.

Note: In these videos, I’ve used the example of a spreadsheet with metadata about digitized audio recordings from cassete tapes.  DataBindery uses patterns that are applicable to many, many forms of data.  Digitized cassette tapes are just an example that’s easy to relate with.

Part 1: Basic Asset Management
Create a new DataBindery Pool, upload media files into the pool and search through the files.

Part 2: Spawning Entities from Files
Create the initial seeds in a privately curated, version controlled, web of data by spawning entities from spreadsheets.

Part 3: Extracting Entities from Existing Data
Enrich your web of linked entities by extracting new models and entities from existing information.  Then, having extracted those entities, enrich the data further by modifying models and adding information to those entities.

Part 4: Dataset as Curated Collection

View your data as a curated collection and reap all the benefits of a formal infrastructure for managing searchable curated collections with customizable perspectives that allow you to control the query interface, facets and which data fields are returned.

Part 5: Controlling Access in DataBindery
Create read-only exhibits of your DataBindery pools and control how content will be filtered for your various audiences.

As you can see, DataBindery is a work in progress.  It’s free for you to use right now.  To sign up for an account and explore DataBindery on your own, fill out the DataBindery Beta Signup form.  Please give feedback!  If you want to see more features (or get ongoing support), contact us about pre-paying for a subscription.  You can also hire me and my team through Data Curation Experts  if you want us to make DataBindery work for you.

If you have data that might fit in DataBindery, please kick the tires. Sign up for a Beta account and try putting your data into it.  I’m eager to hear your stories about what your data look like, how you want to manage those data, and how DataBindery does and doesn’t fit your needs.

If you have questions, ideas, suggestions, or anything else to chime in about, tweet to @DataBindery, post Bugs, ideas, etc on the DataBindery Ticket Tracker, and/or sign up to the DataBindery Google Group.