DataBindery Beta Announced

Disclaimer This is the most minimal, barely viable, pre-Beta version of DataBindery. It’s ugly, slow and incomplete, but it’s a start! I’m working on it in my spare time while paying the bills by doing freelance work on Hydra-based digital repository solutions through Data Curation Experts . At this moment, I cannot provide any guarantees of uptime, security or protection from data loss. Think of this as an extremely early experimental run.

Now Check out DataBindery!

Watch the walkthrough video of what you can currently do with DataBindery.

If you want to see more features (or get ongoing support), contact us about pre-paying for a subscription.  You can also hire my team through Data Curation Experts and pay us to make the product amazing.

If you have questions, ideas, suggestions, or anything else to chime in about, tweet to @DataBindery, post Bugs, ideas, etc on the DataBindery Ticket Tracker, and/or sign up to the DataBindery Google Group.

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