The definitive platform for Data Curation

Access-controlled Pools of Data

Each pool has collaborators & audiences. Collaborators can edit anything in the pool and add/remove content. Audiences are read-only. You can limit which entities an audience can see and you can limit which characteristics of those entities are shown to each audience.

Version Control

Retain a change history, with info about who made each change.

Linked Data

Mix together structured data (names, dates, locations, numbers) with file content (images, videos, text files, audio) in order to represent people, places & things.  Link them together with your own vocabulary of relationships.

Fork & Merge Data

Fork/branch data and then merge changes or additions between pools.

NoSQL Search

Full-text search against all entities and relationships as well as the content within any files.

Robust APIs

Integrate your data into any website or service using our REST API, our open-source client libraries, or the open-source bindery-ui library for AngularJS.